Monday, November 12, 2012

in the closet

I took advantage of my 3-day Veteran's Day weekend and spent hours cleaning, decluttering and reorganizing my home. One of the areas that I really needed to work on was the closet I share with my husband. Since I returned to work this past August after a total of nine years (two in graduate school full time and seven as a stay-at-home mom), I really needed to customize it to my new full-time-working-trying-to-exercise-and-lose-weight lifestyle. My house was  built in the early-1960's, when people were smaller in size and generally owned less things. So I have to limit the number of things I own so I don't end up on that TV show "Hoarders." My closet has to hold all of my in-season and out-of-season clothes (except for my winter coats and workout shoes that all live in the hallway coat closet). I also needed a place for some crafting items since I long ago lost my studio space to my kiddos. This is what the closet looked like around this time last year.


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