Saturday, July 28, 2012

Anthropologie order fail

Despite the bad reviews by other fashion bloggers and customers who also bought this dress, I went ahead and ordered the Polka-Dotted Mini Dress by Anthropologie as soon as it went on sale this week. I had originally tried on size Medium back in June (in this post) and since I broke out into a sweat trying to peel it off, I ordered it in Large. Technically, the dress fits me. But it just isn't flattering on me at all. Like other reviewers have stated, it's hard to know what kind of body this was made for, certainly not mine.

 One of the problems I see with this dress is that the bust line is a bit too high and I think I have an average-sized chest. I don't mind the dress being short because I'm only 5'3" and I think I look better with dresses that hit me slightly above the knee.

I tried it on with a belt that I bought at TJ Maxx this summer, which I think improved the dress, but it's still a miss for me. The dress is already back in it's original packaging ready to be sent back. 

Polka-Dotted Mini Dress by Anthropologie / Nine West belt from TJ Maxx / black opaque tights by No Nonsense / black faux patent leather mary jane heels from Off Broadway Shoes.


Anthro Blogger said...

What a neat blog you have here, Azalea! Thank you so much for visiting over at Another Anthro Blog and I hope to see you around there again soon. I know I'll be visiting here often. And keep at it with the workouts and healthy diet, you look great!

Azalea said...

Thanks so much. Right now I'm actually fighting the urge to have a little snack before I go to bed. :)

Anth said...

I wandered over here from Another Anthro Blog. Great job on working out! It's so awesome to start seeing results, huh? I myself am still in the "trying to get motivated with only moderate success" stage. Haha! My youngest (I have 3 also) is almost 1 so I haven't got the baby excuse anymore.

And seriously, who IS that mini dress designed for??

Azalea said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I will be doing more Anthro posts so please come by again.

I've hit a plateau with my weight loss so I need to step it up on my workouts and get more disciplined about my eating to lose the last 20 lbs. i've taken the slow and steady approach rather than a quick weight loss plan that is almost never permanent.