Friday, August 10, 2012

Anthropologie fitting room reviews, part 2; a.k.a., sometimes my boobs are too big for Anthro

I'm finally getting around to posting the rest of the photos from my recent trip to Anthropologie. Some of these are fails. I guess that's why I wasn't in a hurry to post them.

Garden Sketch Top, Anthropologie (tried on with my own skirt). My hubby picked this top for me to try on when we were walking around the store. I think he envisioned a youthful, sexy top. Instead, I ended up looking like a Quincianera cake. This is size large. I thought the medium might be too tight on me so I only grabbed a large. Will pass on this one. Maybe it's for tall and skinny women.

Up & Away Mini Dress, Anthropologie. I fell in love with this dress. I started out with a large, but it was too big around my shoulders and arm openings. This medium is perfect on me. When I finally lose more weight, it will continue to fit me well. I normally like either more eye-catching prints or brighter colors. But maybe this is a nice, grown-up change for me. Plus, there's something really cool about the vintage, hot air balloon pattern. Totally gonna get this one...on sale, of course.

In Bloom Blouse, Anthropologie (worn with my own skirt). I had just blown right past this blouse as we were shopping around the store when my husband stopped me and suggested I try it on. It didn't catch my eye at first but, something about it felt oddly familiar, in a modern way. The largest size they had was medium, I reluctantly took it to the dressing room. I ended up falling in love with the colors and print, but my chest was completely busting out of it. I don't even think I can button it closed if I move up to a large. I might need extra large (already sold out online)! I couldn't help but think of GirlWithCurve's recent post about how she has this same problem all the time with button-up tops due to her size. Maybe I should try this top over another top.

Bubbled Bands Shirtdress, Anthropologie. Another item that did not work for me. The largest size they had available was too small for my chest. I really liked the ruffly front and olive green color. I think this would look cute with some sort of black cardigan or blazer. But even if I had been able to try on my proper size, I don't think this style is right for me. Passing. Shirtdresses never work on me.


Anonymous said...

I think the In Bloom blouse looks fantastic on you. Maybe a cami bra would work??

Azalea said...

Yes, thanks for the suggestion. I would love to make this work on me.