Monday, November 12, 2012


This is my third winter wearing these awesome Times Three Booties by Schuler & Sons I bought two winters ago. My husband spotted them when we were shopping at the Anthropologie store in Kansas City. I fell in love as soon as I tried them on. Even though they were marked down on sale, they were still $99. I wanted them so badly, but I couldn't justify the price because at the time, I had never paid so much for a pair of shoes. I walked away empty-handed that day, but because I couldn't stop obsessing about them, I called the store and they shipped them to me. I wear them all the time during the cold weather season and I've received numerous compliments.

The other day I decided they needed some TLC before I broke them out again for another year. Since I didn't feel like doing the work myself this time, I took them to my local cobbler who re-stained the heels (snow/salt damage from last winter) and polished them all up for me to make them look better than new.

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