Sunday, December 18, 2011

master bedroom

After months of stepping around piles of clothes and paperwork I finally got a chance to work on de-cluttering the master bedroom this weekend. We switched bedrooms with the kids at the end of summer and I got their room nice and organized but completely neglected the new master bedroom. I was so overwhelmed by the number of things I had to organize and get rid of.

In this old post from two years ago, when we only had two kids, they shared this small bedroom. It's only 10"x12", but with careful editing of our belongings, we made it work.

NOW: This top photo is how the master bedroom looks today. It's pretty basic. We have our down comforter for the winter, no bed skirt or bed frame. We might buy a fancy bed frame next year so we can finally feel all grown up. I should probably also put up something on the walls.  
BEFORE: This is how this same bedroom used to look when we just had two kids.

NOW: I bought these matching night stands this summer at a neighbor's estate auction in a mean bidding war.
My hubby opened up the space and had to dry wall it.  Part of it had once been part of the closet on the bedroom on the opposite side, but my hubby and his dad renovated that bedroom and it's closet years ago to make it more efficient. 
NOW: We installed a ClosetMaid system that can be rearranged as our needs change.. My side is on the left, the hubby's is on the right. We (and by "we" I mean my hubby) need to install closet doors and baseboard to complete the project.
My side of the closet. I have a modest shoe collection because my feet have grown one full size, possibly 1.5 sizes, since having children. So I've had to start all over in my shoe collection. I prefer to have a small collection of well-made shoes that I love rather than a bunch of junky ones that I only kinda like.

Before. The part behind the blue bookcase was solid wall and the closet only had a small folding door. I used to keep it blocked off because I mostly used it for storage (of things I needed to get rid of anyway).

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