Sunday, July 1, 2012

Polarn O. Pyret and Tea Collection sale hauls

 Flower Power Twirl Sundress, Tomato color, and matching Three Quarter Summer Leggings, Tomato color, both by Polarn O. Pyret (PO.P). I caught a flash sale at PO.P the other day and ordered some outfits for my 4-yr-old daughter. She is about 39" tall (99 cm) and at the end of size 2-3 (98 cm) in PO.P so I ordered these is size 4-5 yrs (104 cm) for her to wear to school this Fall and/or Spring/Summer 2013. It covers her knees and you can barely see the matching leggings. My daughter is such a monkey so I really need her to have something underneath. The fabric is knit cotton and is super soft. She has already worn this dress a couple of times and has gotten lots of compliments. It's still just a little bit long and slightly wide in the torso area. Other than that, this is a winner!

Back view.

 Flower Power Twirl Sundress, Peacoat color, and matching Three Quarter Summer Leggings, both by PO.P. This dress is as stunning as the Tomato version. But, I have already noticed that the printed area is going to have the same problem I have with all of PO.P's dark printed cotton knits, which is that they get this weird faded, fringgy, pilly look after a few washes. I wash all of our clothes in cold water and hang them to dry. The striped part doesn't have this problem because they're solid knit colors, not printed.

Blurry closeup of this fun dress.

I also ordered the Butterfly Floral Dress because I thought it was really clever how there are hidden parrots and butterflies in the print. But since the fabric is poplin cotton, not a stretchy knit, this dress was very wide and roomy with huge arm holes. I thought my poor daughter looked awful in it. And it didn't feel special like most PO.P dresses do. It reminded me of some of the $15 dresses I've seen at Target. I sent it back. It didn't occur to me to take photos of my daughter wearing it because I just wanted to put it away without it being damaged. I had planned on using the Tomato red leggings that I bought for the Flower Power Twirl Sundress.

 Lotus Flower Playdress, Mineral color, and matching Skinny Capri Leggins, Loganberry color, both by Tea Collection. I also ordered from Tea Collection's annual summer clearance sale that started a couple of weeks ago. The selection in my daughter's size wasn't that great, but I managed to find a couple of outfits. I ordered size 5 for her and everything is still a bit big in general.

 Lotus Vines Dress, Mineral Color, and matching Skinny Capri Leggins, Loganberry color, both by Tea Collection. The same pair of leggings match both dresses.

Side view of Lotus Vines Dress.

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