Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kansas Speedway

I took the kids to the Kansas Speedway on Saturday during NASCAR race weekend. We went to the race last year, but by the time we got inside the grandstands for the race, the kids were tired and we only stayed about 45 minutes. They didn't understand that we were supposed to stay in our ticketed seats. So this year I just took them to the pre-race events. Then we went shopping and out to eat in the Speedway area. There is so much to do there.This is where we parked. We got there two hours before the race started. It was a pretty good walk. When we walked back to the car I couldn't find it right away, so I was able to look at this photo in my camera to help me find our parking spot.
A female ARCA driver gave out tons of autographs.I got to pretend to be a pit prew girl. As many of you know, that is one of my dream jobs.
We played games at the Toyota area.
Kyle Bush's car that was used in a TV ad.
We took a break at the Toyota Owners Hospitality tent. They gave us each a free bag of chips and a beverage.
Hamburger Helper gave out free samples. The warm food felt nice in the cold wind.
Chevy drivers area.
The kids would not look at the camera for photos. It was loud, windy, cold and sunny. A stranger offered to take a photo of us all. I was bummed my hubby was not able to go with us and be in the photo this year.
This is one of the many vending haulers on the fairway. I liked it because it had photos of the drivers hunting. They looked like they were in their element. All the other haulers used photos of drivers that were taken in a photo studio..

The kids climbed on several of the New Holland farm vehicles before we headed back to the van

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