Sunday, June 6, 2010

sunday laundry

When I first married my husband ages ago, he insisted on having white sheets on our bed because that's what he usually had when he was a kid living at home with his parents. I thought that was very boring because I love color. But since that's what we already had and could not afford to buy new ones anyway, I decided to live with them until those wore out and we could buy some fun colored ones. I ended up getting used to the white sheets and realized that they're very practical and easy to take care of. You can treat any stain without worrying about the color fading. And they can also be bleached for sanitary reasons.

Over the years, I've gotten into the habit of washing the sheets every Sunday. This way I know they're washed at least once a week. Now that we have a family, everyone in the house has solid white sheets. From the baby crib to the older kids' beds, they're all white. On Sundays I strip all of the beds, fold up the comforters and toss all the sheets in a pile to be washed. Between all the sheets and a white towel or socks, it's usually two loads. I also wash all the towels on Sundays. I tried having all white towels for a while, but it was too stressful to keep them flawlessly white all the time like I envisioned (can you say OCD?). I don't mind a stain or two on sheets, but towels are generally seen by anyone who enters your bathroom. So now we have charcoal grey towels.

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