Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cloth diapers

We've had a cold, wet spring and summer is finally here. Which for me means outside-diaper-drying-season. I like drying the kids' diapers outside on my deck because it saves electricity and the sun rays both disinfect and bleach out any stains from wet diapers. When I first started doing this I worried a little about what the neighbors would think. Isn't this how the phrase "airing out your dirty laundry" kinda got started? But I quickly got over it because of the great results.
While the baby waited patiently inside, I quickly put the diapers to dry with the pretty colors facing out, for the purpose of taking this photo. So I didn't take the time to make them all pretty and even because I was afraid the tired baby would start crying. And then I turned them over with the white facing out as I normally do when drying outside. Since it's still humid, I did machine dry the terry cloth insert that goes inside the diaper between the white part and the water-resistant colored part. That part is thick and absorbs all the moisture (pee) and I wanted to make sure they dried thoroughly. But on hot dry summer days I put everything to dry outside.

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