Saturday, April 10, 2010

homemade label

Now that spring is here I went ahead and washed all the heavy winter gear to make room in the coat closet for rain coats, hoodies and lightweight jackets. I hadn't bought my son a lightweight jacket or rain jacket in two years, so I decided to get him something new. I found this adorable jersey lined anorak from Mini Boden. According to the website it's supposed to be "shower resistant," which I assume is British for "water resistant," since the company is in England. I don't like writing directly on clothes, but I needed to label this jacket for when my son wears it to preschool. So I cut off some jersey fabric from an old shirt and made a label. I used a black fabric marker to write his name. When my son outgrows this jacket and it's ready to be passed on to another kid, I can simply cut off my homemade label.


Kathy said...

you are so clever! I love this idea and am going to steal it!

Azalea said...

No problem! Steal away. I've done different types of labels for different coats and hoodies. This one is the most interesting one.

Anonymous said...

Fab idea, look really neat.