Monday, August 16, 2010


It's still hotter than heck outside, but according to clothing retailers, cold weather is just around the corner. I need to figure out what my kids will need this fall and winter so I can keep my eyes out on good deals. That's why this morning I got out the storage bin that has most of their cold weather clothing. And while I was already looking at them I thought I'd be a big girl and pull out some of my son's outgrown clothing to get rid of. I've been doing a pretty good job at mostly hanging on to clothes that can be handed down from one of my older kids to a younger one. But sometimes I find it hard to admit that they grow up so fast. And it's hard to let go of the clothes that are solid proof that just one year ago they were that much smaller.

The other day at the library I ran into a friend who is expecting her seventh child (and counting!). She recognized that the matching stripy dresses that my daughters were wearing were from Hanna Andersson. We briefly chatted about why we love their clothing. She admitted she stalks eBay for deals on used Hanna Andersson dresses. I told her that if the baby she is carrying is a girl I'd give her some of our clothes after my girls outgrow them. Later, I remembered I had a pair of winter pajamas and a couple of shirts that my son had already worn for two winters and will not fit him again this year. And my friend just happens to have a little boy who can probably wear them. I dusted off the sewing machine to repair the bottom hem of the pajama top from when my son was sitting on the couch watching TV and tucked his legs inside the shirt and ripped some of the seams. He wore them many times after that without them getting any worse. I guess I should've repaired them ages ago. I'm so glad to have found a loving home for these old friends.

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