Sunday, June 20, 2010


When I came to the US as a little girl I loved learning to play new outdoor games with my friends and cousins. One of my favorite games was hopscotch. I don't remember playing it before that in Mexico. I remember always wanting to be the one to draw out the hopscotch board on the sidewalk because I could draw it more evenly than any of the other kids. Back then we just used white chalk. I would've died if I had access to a box of colored Crayola chalk like the one I bought for my kids this week.

Today I taught my kids how to play hopscotch like I did back in Kansas. I showed my son Mateo how to put a rock on the first square and jump over it, then to come back and move it to the second square and skip over that one, and so on. He has played this game at preschool, but I think they use different rules. Matilda didn't quite grasp the rules of the game but she enjoyed jumping on the hopscotch board.

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