Tuesday, March 12, 2013

sunday at anthro

We left the comfort of our small, rural town last Sunday and ventured into Kansas City because my husband (a professional photographer) had to shoot an event. While he was working, the kiddos and I went to The Plaza for a bit of shopping. We stopped at Gap and grabbed some things for my son and then hopped over to Barnes & Noble and picked up new books for the kids' bedtime reading. I went into H&M for the first time, but nothing really grabbed my attention. Then we took the long way to Anthropologie (pictured above) so the kids could burn off some energy before we had to pick up my husband and drive 1 1/2 hours home.

Ever since I scored a giant bead necklace last summer on sale at Anthropologie, I've been obsessed with trying to find more. I spotted the pink one (I don't see it on Athro's website) on the right first, but it felt kinda cheesy. The pinks are very candy colored. I was looking for something bold, but that I would feel comfortable wearing at my office. I liked the Primary Spheres Bib Necklace on the left, but I wasn't sure if I like it enough to pay full price. Plus, the beads are gigantic and I wasn't sure what I'd wear with it. I didn't even try it on because I had all three kiddos with me and I was trying to get out of the store without one of them breaking something.

The kids managed to stay entertained with a vintage typewritter that was on this desk display while I looked around the home section.

This rustic dinning set caught my eye. I wouldn't mind having such a rugged dinning table and bench that way I wouldn't have to worry about my monkeys kids damaging it like I do our estate auction dinning set.

I didn't notice at the time I took this photo, but each place setting is different. I think I was mostly drawn by the beautiful contrast between the worn wooden table top, the sea colored Old Havana Dinnerware and the limestone central object.


These Handpainted Still Life Monograms looked pretty cool. They are big at 18" tall each. 

There were Easter bunnies on display throughout The Plaza shopping district and this is the first one we encountered. I wanted to get a cute photo of my three kids posing with this bunny, but my daughter would not get close to it. She later warmed up to them as we saw more. It was a cold, misty afternoon so the kids wore their super tough, water proof, Shell Jackets with Windfleece Jacket inserts from Polarn O. Pyret

Kids are all wearing Shell Jackets by Polarn O. Pyret in Pine Green, Rowan (compliments of Polarn O. Pyret, a handmedown from her older sister) and Flambe pink (from last year) / Windfleece Jackets (with thumbholes as demonstrated here by my older two kids) worn under their Shell Jackets / My daughter on right is wearing a Tea Collection dress, Children's Place leggings and her brother's handmedown Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boots / my youngest daughter is wearing a bubble skirt dress, leggings and Paul Frank rain boots, all handmedowns and by Target.

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