Sunday, July 22, 2012

county fair

 We took the kids to the county fair this weekend. Even though the temperature was in the 90s and low-100s during the day, it cooled down enough in the evening where we were able to have some fun. My husband rode on the merry-go-round and the bumper cars with our two older kids while I stayed with our 2-yr-old and the stroller.

 My son was so excited because he won this game against his sister and another little girl. I explained to him that he had to play many times to trade up to a Smurf prize, and that it would take lots of money. He was glad to have won a red stuffed rose. I tried to encourage him by suggesting that it looked like one of the flowers on his Mario Bros. games.

We didn't use up the tickets on Friday night that I had bought in advance at a discounted rate. We returned Saturday to use up the rest of the tickets. The kids enjoyed going on the slide with woolen bags on both nights. 

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