Monday, January 10, 2011


I ended up losing some of my ambition by the time the weekend actually set in and I didn't get the house OCD clean like I wanted. But at least the kids' room looks great. My 5-yr-old son and 3-yr-old (in a couple of weeks) daughter share this bedroom. Earlier in the week, my hubby raised our son's bed to the higher setting because I wanted to use the area under his bed for storage. We bought the beds two years ago as a bunk beds set and either one can be set at a low or standard height. The manufacturer, Young America, makes a set of drawers the can go under this bed. We saw it when we bought the beds but I didn't want to get it because I'm afraid the kids will hide inside the drawers or step on them and end up ruining them. But it's nice to know that we have the option of buying that as our kids grow and develop new needs. For now, I decided to use some natural sea grass baskets that I was using in other parts of the house. The baskets don't really hold a significantly larger amount of things...I still had to get rid of toys that the kids don't use anymore. But I think the baskets look nice. And it still allows the kids to play and hide under the bed like I caught them doing the other day.

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