Friday, January 1, 2010

I wanted to start out 2010 with a de-cluttered home. The master bedroom is the first thing I tackled. I think that a clean, organized bedroom is essential to getting a good night's rest. It also symbolizes the importance of the relationship you have with your spouse. Right now we just have a white down comforter to keep us warm in the winter, but I'd like to find a more colorful and decorative duvet cover for it.

This is my husband's side. I think he made that oak bureau in high school.

This is the family closet because I use the closet in the kids' bedroom as storage for some of my crafts and things they aren't currently using. Our house was built in the early-1960s so there isn't a lot of storage. I guess people weren't shopaholic hoarders back then. The children's clothes are on the bottom left and further inside the closet are two bins. One for my off-season clothes, and another for the kids' off-season clothes.

I use the wooden drying rack regularly for drying our clothes instead of the dryer to reduce wear and tear, as well as conserving energy. I had already put away the dry clothes so right now it just has the towel that I used this morning.

I have two original movie posters that I bought on eBay a few years back. They even have holes on the corners from when they were hung up in the theatres. This one is from a Mexican movie called "Alla en el Rancho Grande." They are pretty old, they're dated in the back but I can't remember how old they are. I remember seeing these movie posters in Mexico back when I was a kid...hey, did I just call myself old?! I also like having at least one live plant in every room.

Under crib storage that holds the kids' socks, tights, underwear, and pajamas. Since they're within their reach they can easily get their own things.

I got rid of 28 pairs of underwear that I no longer use, due to my body changing from having kids. This is what's left.

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Anna said...

I'm inspired!!! And I heart your under the crib storage! Does your DH store his "crap" anywhere? Mine insists on dumping it in the bedroom. He is, however, fairly trainable and under the bed storage is the answer, I think.
Thanks for sharing, Azalea!